Payzee Malika 


Born in Iraq and raised in London, Payzee has established herself as a Fashion stylist shortly after taking a break from her Psychology Degree. She has since carved out a unique position amongst London’s most innovative fashion enthusiasts and continues to earn her well deserved credit for her creative direction and styling as well her personal evolving style. 


Distinct style and vision allowed her to gain a credible reputation amongst peers from various backgrounds as well as being featured on publications worldwide and collaborating with established brands.


Exploring her traditional roots and the vibrant city she resides in, London, Payzee is known for her fluid style, which can very easily go from being extremely laid back and ‘boyish’ to ‘fetish’. This has always been key for Payzee, to express herself through garments, without any limits. 


Garment Construction has been a natural path for Payzee, inspired by her mother’s sewing abilities, playing with making outfits last minute became part of the process. She later went on to study at London Retail Fashion Academy to expand her skills. This led to collaborating with with the likes of Little Mix and Fuse ODG to create unique bespoke pieces.


Payzee thrives in putting together outfits and experimenting with freehand patterns, fabrics, colours and trends of the past and present, combining styling skills and costume design. Always keeping in mind inspiration from one of the most energetic cities in the world, London where she emigrated to with her family in the late 90s. 


The skills she acquired on her journey have been applied to Luxury Fashion Retail where she had the opportunity to work with McQ by Alexander McQueen, Isabel Marant and most recently closely with British designer Neil Barrett. Payzee picked up Visual Merchandising, Buying and management skills, giving her a great mix of valuable skills and contacts to progress effortlessly within the industry. 


Although she is generally known for her distinct style and social presence, Payzee has recently taken her audience on a very different journey, opening up about her life outside of fashion. She has since started her long-awaited entry into activism and the humanitarian field. 


Growing up in a household of 6 women, Women’s Rights has always been a passion. Payzee is keen to break stereotypes and break the silence on issues her peers and Middle Eastern women around the world face every day. 


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