Copenhagen Fashion Week, wearing FILA & LAPP


But aside from that, it was a great Fashion Week. This season I decided to do only two days, the 1st and 2nd of February, which I think was more than enough for me (for anyone actually, cos the cold...yeah..let's not!).

So as I have harped on about the cold, I am sure by now you get it, it was cold lol. Which explains why this season was literally all about puffers, it was like the battle of the biggest puffer lol. I had two puffer jackets with me, one which was a great charity shop find and the other FILA.

The first day of CPHFW I decided on a all black outfit, with a red statement jacket. My favourite thing about this outfit was of course the LAPP hoodie, which is available to buy here. LAPP a platform for women to inspire, discuss and share their experiences with one another, there is also this great march to support it all.

I teamed up the hoodie with bell trousers from Zara, these are very comfortable, and for once were not short for me. I love the stretchy fabric and the hem detail, also the way they move when you're walking (I love armaments with a bit of movement). My footwear is just a simple patent pointed toe ankle boots from Amazon, really old so I couldn't link.

My puffer jacket is a golden charity find! I literally walked into FARA, which is one of my favourite charity shops ever! I donate clothing to them from time to time, (maybe I will do a recommended charity shop post soon) and the jacket was there staring at me, ready to come home with me. The jacket is very red as you can see lol, its actually the brightest jacket I own, it kept me pretty warm, and for £3, I can't complain at all! As you can see on the image, I manipulated the shape and mixed the buttons to create some shape. I threw on these Neyo Inspired Sunglasses from Amazon and bob's ya uncle!

For the second day of Copenhagen Fashion Week, I kept the colour thing going, which was not at all planned. But I actually loved both outfits, they were both super cosy and comfortable.

The FILA really kept me warm, it's really soft padding, at times I was worried I look pregnant, you know puffers tend to do the to you, but actually it was just fine. I love these kind of pieces from FILA, really simple and wearable. The only thing that could have made this jacket even better? A hood!That would have literally made it a 10/10.

I rarely shop on the high street, but I must admit every now and then Zara will have a really good sale on, and I just can't resist lol. I can't link the trousers unfortunately as they are now sold out. I really like the slit on the bottom of the trouser, I wore some fishnet socks just to give it a little more detail. If you are looking for a basic pair of fishnet tights or socks, Amazon is great. Also super fast delivery and cheap and cheerful.

Of course I had to wear my worn in classic Vans, simple, comfortable and they pretty much go with everything.

Oh and I almost forgot, the strap going across my chest, thats my fanny pack, its sort of falling apart, I got it about 9 years ago for a festival, its such a lifesaver when I don't want to carry a bag!

David Nyanzi, a friend of mine from London kindly took these images.


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