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I had Laser Eye Surgery!

OMGAAAAAWD! I finally did it!! I have been wanting to have laser eye surgery for a long time.

I have been wanting to have laser eye surgery for a long time. I was diagnosed with eyesight problems when I was just 14. I was short sighted, and I was wearing glasses to begin with, I then moved onto lenses a few years later.

As I got older I started to get bothered by the whole lenses process every day and night, as my lifestyle changed I could see there was a need to take action. I started working out a lot more in the last couple of years, lenses were such a hassle in the gym. And of course sleeping in my lenses now and then after a night out was doing some harm. (Disclaimer: it is not recommended at all to sleep in your lenses unless they are fit for that use, which you can actually get now.)

I experienced a few eye infections and blocked pores, these were such uncomfortable periods, I had enough.

So I decided I am going to do it, I looked up Optical Express and opted in to to be called back for a consultation. I was ready for change!


I went to a local branch in Kingston and my journey started! On the day of the consultation the following was done:

■ iDesign scan which provides data for iDesign treatment to customise surgery

■ Visual Acuity Testing to measure how your eyes cope with reading at long and short distances

■ Refraction and Cycloplegic Refraction to help understand your prescription and the way it may change over time

■ Retinal exam to determine the health of your eyes

Okay so tests out the way, let's talk money. Believe it or not it is actually not that expensive. Now that's not to say I am balling, but there are options available so dont be scared off by the cost. You have the option to either pay in full (if thats how you're living lol), or you can arrange a suitable monthly direct debit once you have paid off the deposit. I chose the option of paying my deposit and split my payments into instalments.

Once I was told I am suitable for the procedure we decided on a date. And BOOM next thing I knew I had a date for my surgery. I was given the necessary information to read through and sign to bring back on the day of surgery. Let me just the say this, there is a lot of info to read lol and me being me, I read it about 208 times lol.


I was told to stop wearing lenses a week before surgery, and was using glasses for that week. (I hated them, I always hated wearing glasses).

I had a morning appointment, I went in and had some final tests done to ensure everything was still okay. I waited around 45 mins and then was called in. The surgery room was a bit scary with huge equipment, but the nurses were lovely and friendly.

I put on a shower cap thingy and laid down. Then surgeon came in and started talking through what he was doing. As soon as I had the anaesthetic eye drops I couldn't feel any discomfort, I felt a slight rub when the surgeon lifted the flap he created and of course the burning smell when the surgeon was using the laser (that was disgusting). I am not going into the procedure in full detail cos you will be here all day lol BUT if you want to see how the surgery is done you can watch a full video here.

One eye at a time is done, the actual procedure took something like a few minutes all together. It all happened sooooo quickly, I still can't believe it! During the surgery I lost my sight for a few seconds on each eye, I could only see black but it quickly came back. This is completely normal.

Few minutes after surgery I went into a waiting room, it's dark in there so your eyes are not irritated. The nurse went through after care and the medication I had to use and I was gifted the beautiful googles you saw in the first image. Cute right?

DAY 1,2,3

Okay so after the surgery I feel great for about 10 minutes, I was thinking 'omg I am so happy'. Boy that didn't last long LOL. I got an Uber and as soon as I stepped out and I saw the light I felt like 'woahhhhh what is this sh*t!!!.

The 'you will feel like you are chopping up onions' feeling the nurse described to me came and took over like BOOM what's up!!!

My eyes started tearing up, even though I had my sunglasses on, I felt uncomfortable because of how bright the day was. My eyes kept running and wouldn't stop, this mixed with crying. Haha. I am so emotional and in that instance I was asking myself what the hell have I done?1?! I was happy, scared, emotional, anxious, tired, eager and a whole lot more. I am quite dramatic anyway so all of those emotions together was a lot! Here is a photo of me on the way home acting like I've been shot (laughing crying emoji).

Anywayssss as advised I went home, and took a nap. I had to wear those lovely goggles to sleep of course! I used the goggles for a week.

When I woke up I felt GOOD! I could see without my lenses. It was so surreal. I kept saying it out loud 'omg I can see'. (Super annoying for those around me, soz). I took a few naps that day, mostly just rested. I didn't have any pain, slight discomfort but it wore off by end of the day.

I had to go back for a 24 hour check up the next day, everything was fine and they said I could even drive from this day. Pretty cool right!

Day 2 my sight became clearer and even clearer on day 3. I was a little sensitive to light but nothing crazy. There was no pain. I felt really good. Only slightly annoying thing was I couldn't wash my face for a week, you can clean with a towel ect but no water near the eye and of course no make up. (Your are given a list of things you can't do and how long for, I didn't find any of it impossible to live without). Not going gym for a week was a bit annoying but also felt nice to take naps whenever I wanted hehe. I was lucky enough not to be working at the time, I would suggest a good couple days if you plan on doing it.

DAY 4,5,6,7

The next few days were fine, thank God I didn't have any issues with healing. From the first day I had some redness and bruising to the eyes, I took images of the first day, in between and the last day. You can see the bruising wore off within 5 days or so. I was given eye drops to use daily for a week, these are antibacterial and also to help with the drying. I would honestly describe the healing process as pretty painless and quick. I was quite surprised by how quickly I could see properly. Still I think the worst part is the hour or so just after the surgery, but again this is basically like when you you are chopping onions just 10 times worse lol. It has been a month and I am so glad I have done. I had my one month review today, and thanks to God all is fine. If you have thought about doing it, my advice would be book it right NOW! I wish I did it sooner but I am so happy I have done it. Do you know sick it's going to be when I'm on holiday and can dip my head in the water without my lenses sticking to my eyes?! Oh boy I cannot wait!

Also I can go to the gym and shower any time I want to, staying active is a big part of my lifestyle and for me the surgery has made my life sooo much easier. I love seeing from the second I open my eyes.

Finally, I would definitely recommend Optical Express, they were so kind, so helpful and made my experience a comfortable and an unforgettable one. Thank you!

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