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Interview with Marque Productions

I often get asked questions about my to get into styling ect.

I have been doing it for over a few years now and I would definitely say there's things I've learnt which I feel are vital in order for me to do what I am doing well. I wouldn't say there is a right or wrong way of doing it. But there are a few fundamental things you need to go by if you want to last in this line of work.

I spoke about this briefly in an interview with Marque Productions about styling and what my advice is to anyone who wants to get into styling, read it here. I will be doing a Q&A about this on my youtube channel soon, so if you have any questions feel free to ask!


Jacket - New Look

Shirt - Zara

Trousers - Hand made by me

Shoes - Vans

Bag - Louis Vuitton

Photos by Sara Che

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