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LOVE IT! SO I MADE IT - Lace up skirt Trend

So I am introducing a new segment to my website and its a section where I show you what I am loving right now, so I made it!

Hey guys!

So the first thing is the hottest skirt right now. THE lace up skirt! I really have a thing for them and the first time I came across one on Pinterest I said to myself 'yup, gotta make one of those!"

Below are some images of inspiration for this trend for me, my favourite ones are the leather ones, closely followed by the denim one, which is from MISBHV. If you know me well or have been following for some time, you will know my love for denim so its no surprise I want one in denim.

You may have seen my lace up trousers I made for my New Years outfit, I literally used the left over fabric to make these. It worked out pretty well to be honest. One thing I am missing from mine are the eyelets, but honestly speaking I wasn't keen on having those on, I just feel like they stand out a bit too much.

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