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Travelling Alone...

If you follow me on socials you will see one of the things I LOVE is travelling. Especially alone. Keep reading.

Paris 2018

The first time I started travelling alone was in 2012. I went to Barcelona and it was honestly the start of something beautiful.

Since then I have made it an absolute must to travel alone every year. I try to go to different locations. But one place that has my heart is Barcelona. Since 2012 I have visited every year, even if it’s just been for a few days.

I have learnt so much from travelling alone. (Mostly that I don’t like people, only joking lol).

There is just something about not having to wait for anybody, not doing things you don’t necessarily want to do, doing whatever the hell you want to do ect, you get what I mean.

The first time I went travelling alone I faced a few challenges, the usual, you know, not finding my hotel easily, spending stupid amounts of money on taxis.. men being annoying because they see a girl by herself but by the end of that trip I became aware of what I needed to do to make travelling alone fun, not spend crazy money and enjoy my own company to the fullest.

Paris 2017

A lot of people always ask me "don't you get bored?' Honestly the answer to that question is no. How can I possibly get bored of myself. In this day and age no matter where you go there is always soooo much to do, and this is no exaggeration. I have always left my holidays wishing I had more time away to experience wherever I was even more. I mean it does depend on the type of person you are too, I like to see what is around me, I like to explore and really get stuck in. So if you are not into exploring I understand travelling alone will be super boring.

Kurdistan 2016

Another thing people always ask me is 'aren't you scared?' And again, no. I won't lie and say I haven't been weary of my surroundings, I do feel with my travelling experience I have learnt to deal with certain things a certain way. And I most certainly won't go to certain places alone. (Read below why).

So far this year I have travelled to 6 different destinations, I would love to make that 10! Travelling feeds the soul!

If you have never travelled on your own, I do recommend it, here are some tips I feel really help me when travelling alone:

Save up and set yourself destination goals this includes knowing your budget. Don't spend your months wages on a good holiday and come back living broke for 22 days of that month lol, it's really not worth it.

Start with something small, a European city is always a great idea, even just for the weekend.

Plan your trip, research what's around where you are going, read reviews, plan day trips and make it an experience!

Use Expedia! For amazing bundle deals I swear by Expedia, shop around before you decide, there are great deals out there.

Take a book and headphones. I love to read by the seaside when I am away, it is so calming.

Forget taxis! Rent a bike or walk, again this is all part of the experience, you are in Ubers and trains most days in your city.

Be friendly, being alone can get lonely if you are not used to it so smile at locals and make friends, they will be your best references if you need any help.

SAFETY first! There are certain places I would personally recommend avoiding, places in the Middle East, unless they are touristic hot spots. Still I would say be careful.

Have fun, but know your limits with strangers.

Protect your goods, always be careful with your pone, ID, ect. I have heard so many horror stories on this topic.

Don't just travel, build memories. Travelling alone is a great way to get to know yourself and create some amazing memories. Travelling alone does not mean you are alone 100% of the time, you can meet lovely people all over the world. Have fun travelling alone! :)

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