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Why I am campaigning to #EndChildMarriage

I started sharing my story in April 2019. It feels like a lot longer most days.

I often get questions about why I am campaigning to end child marriage.

It's a very valid question, to which, when I answer a lot of people are quite shocked and generally cannot believe it. And I get that, I really do. I still cannot believe it myself sometimes.

But, it is a fact. I was married at the age of 16, right here in the UK. In South London to be precise. It was not a boy-meets-girl-happily-ever-after marriage. No, I was a child who was coerced into marriage by the people who were supposed to protect and love me.

My father allowed an older man, twice my age to marry his 16 year old daughter. So it was far from your teenage love birds story.

Since I have been open about my story and realised how many people are also fighting for this to end, I have felt more and more inclined to jump on board and support this campaign. As I speak from experience, I know far too well the damaging effects of child marriage and how it can impact ones life.

I did escape my child marriage, which is a very long story and I will be doing a Ted Talk about this and Honour Based Abuse in December, which I will share on my website.

I am very happy to campaign along side Freedom United to petition for child marriage to finally end. So I have one ask from you if you are reading this. Please sign this petition and support us on this mission.

Thank you.

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